Angels of my heart

Here it is, broken and worn Could I love again, or would I be torn My heart is closed, would it ever be loved My Angels They came to me just like the doves Soaring down to be by my side So so many here just to be my guides Why are they here, only […]

By the river

By the river I love Flights of birds soaring to and fro My head in the clouds watching the skies above Walking the beach Silence is all I need Closing my eyes, listening, what can I hear Birds talking A tractor noisily planting the seed Connecting to the other side Standing still, alone in this […]

Love birds

The walking through the meadows of green This is my garden for me to be seen Every day, a different moment for me to please Watching the river flowing to the sea I look to the sky Birds fly. They’re busy working Gathering twigs, making nests, they see me lurking Chatter, chatter that’s all I […]


Eyes of blue, Eyes of green Eyes of love never to be seen Eyes are watching, glaring too Eyes that watch are you Some Eyes are sad every day Some Eyes are happy because they play Smiling Eyes I love to see If you see me walking, then let them be Some Eyes stare again […]

The flow of the river

The river is deep, the river is wide The boat with sand churns along at high tide Backwards and forwards with the flow Full of sand, off to London to go Watching and listening to the birds My eyes, my ears there’s much to be heard Look to the countryside, by the river the sheep […]

Angel feathers

Walking along the river’s edge Angels flying along the riverbed Feathers fall down from the sky I stop just to watch the world go by Birds are also Angels, Angels alone Lifting and soaring until it’s time to go home Angel feathers lay on the earth and rest Laying chilled and calm is what they […]


Now we are here in Daffodil time The Daffodils, the yellow heads are sublime Watch them move to and fro Swaying with the wind, so slow The Daffodils say good things to me Spring is here, the winter now gone, look see They’re all around me, my path of walking Bumping heads together, forever talking […]


What’s in this life, what’s in this love I handed my whole self to the world above Heaven on earth, the heavenly sky Just sit and listen to the world go by The sun so warm, the sky so blue I look to the clouds, I look to you In one clear moment I see […]


Watching the sunset, watching the Peace It gives you the world of light even so brief. The colours I see when Spain is at its best To see is to believe, just feet up and rest. I adore the sunset, I just sit, smile and say My heart is full of colours and healing today. […]

Sea of fear

Watching, listening, waters crash The waves of white the rocks they crash. To the sky more of the same The beauty to see, the beauty of rain. Grey in colour, grey in light To watch the water, its power, its might. As I sit and listen to me it says In anger we throw, in […]

Here in this garden

I always wonder with the moves they make Another home for me to take. My Angels have moved me to Paradise Here, in the midst of a golf course, to be precise. When I walk around the views with a dream So Spanish, so beautiful, it must be the cream. I go to the terrace […]

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